Your Grocery list Guide

Hello my name is Christine, I will be your personal shopper for the week.

Do you ever get to the grocery store and sit there like “well snap I know I need food, or else I wouldn’t be here, but where the heck do I even start?”

So then you end up just grabbing yourself random bits of nothing that seemed good at the moment, but that actually just sit and accumulate mold in your cupboard. Like freeze dried edamame? I swear it should’ve been so good. But just take my word for it and avoid the whole thing because it tastes like the sewer smells. Anyway, let’s learn how to avoid this struggle and save ourselves some money while we are at it.


IMG_2507 (1)Wait… i thought we were trying to be healthy?

YES carbs are an essential aspect to any diet. You would die without carbs and they kind of pull any meal together. Rice, bread, spaghetti, tortillas you name it. Choose your favorite, or the one that will go with your planned meal the best. Also try and stick to whole grain. White products tend to refine out all of the important nutrients out of the product.

Still unsure of how carbohydrates could actually be good for you? Check the link below out.–good-or-bad-for-you


Produce is so expensive, i know! That does make it tricky to go healthy. However, every IMG_5240week, make sure and grab some kind of vegetable that you know you will eat and can be easily incorporated into any meal. A few of my favorites are carrots and zucchini. Both are very versatile and can be used for several different kinds of meals.

Still not convinced that the greens are worth the below average taste? Give this site that I am sure you’ve heard of before a read.


Who is not trying to gain muscle mass? Let’s be real. Definitely try and find some way to incorporate protein into each meal. Chicken breast is any easy addition into IMG_5207any dinner. My personal favorite is peanut butter, I swear I could smother that heaven sent substance on pretty much anything. Or just have a few spoonfuls all by itself? Really it’s just dependent on the mood. Beans are also a fantastic source of protein, as well as nuts, milk, yogurt, the possibilities are endless really. Just make sure and throw at least a few in your cart so you can incorporate some protein into your diet for

the week.

If you are still unsure about what foods have sufficient protein then check this site out.


Sometimes, there simply is no time you simply have no will to whip out a green 20-grams-of-protein-three-servings-of-vegetables smoothie that also tastes like satan juice. I understand that.

IMG_4197 (1)

There are days (most days for me) where all you want is a quick and delicious remedy to your hunger. But here is the key: I am NOT telling you to get yourself a few pints of Ben and Jerry because that doesn’t cut it! Find a nice and wholesome brand of frozen burritos you can pop in the microwave. It could be anything honestly. Just read the label! Look to make sure it has a significant amount of protein and small amount of added sugars or trans fats. Don’t pass over the ingredients as well. Make sure sugar isn’t one of the first few ingredients and as a good general rule, make sure you can pronounce all of the ingredients. Find a good fast and healthy snack to grab for yourself on your way out the door!





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