The Lady Who is Going to Live Forever

I know a person who had discovered a fountain of youth.

A person who will forever fall into the middle splits like a six-year-old. Execute a flawless Turkish Getup like a meathead gym guru. Pull off a pair of jeans like an aeropostale model. Eat kale like it’s candy. All at 47 years old.

What is her big secret? We’ll never know. We’ll never understand. We don’t ask; in fear that she will smell our weakness, and by one penetrating look from her 20/20 vision, will somehow add a year of our lives to her own perfectly infinite life span. A true wonder.  The woman. The myth. The legend. The weightlifting professor. The bearer of four children. The personal trainer. My mother.

The truly frustrating, yet inspiring part of it all is that she wasn’t born that way. Genetics IMG_7985[6458]played no part in her health success. My family has a complicated history of high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, osteoporosis, you name it we’ve probably had it. Her body was -110% “built” for weightlifting. Heck, she is this cute little 5’4 lady who wasn’t even introduced to exercise of any kind until she was a young adult. Yet she still owns the entire gym the moment she steps foot in the facility.

This, I believe, was the catalyst to her health achievements. To overcome this genetic fate. To escape the seeming inevitable. From a young age, she pounded this concept into my head; that the future is in our own palms. That we aren’t merely subjects to the obstacles life hurls towards us; helpless objects passively floating through this life. She taught me that I am capable of sculpting the future that I desire.

This mindset carried me through many of my own life decisions and buoyed me through the moments of most difficulty.

People, fitness is accessible!

Don’t let your exercise induced asthma keep you from gazing out at the extravagant view of the masterfully illustrated red rock of Zion’s National Park or the sky-scraping Rockies IMG_4225of the Grand Tetons or even the glittering horizon of your own hometown at night. Don’t let your bum knee keep you from scaling colorful cliffs rock climbing. Don’t let your extreme anxiety of heights keep you from sitting back and admiring that staircase of a trail you just escalated. Don’t let genetics rob you of the experience of a lifetime!

I know I already said this, but fitness is so accessible to every human being. Of course I can’t promise a Kylie Jenner physique to any person that puts in even a little effort; we are all built so differently. But I can promise you that your small effort will be paramount to your life quality.

My superwoman mother’s mindset is the face of this fountain of youth we all franticallyIMG_4882 (3) search for. You are the only thing between your current state and your goals; it isn’t your shin splints or your high blood pressure. Telling yourself this is hijacking yourself from living the bounteous healthy life that you dream of. Grasp your goals with white knuckles and live out the fitness goals that you fabricate for yourself.

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