Diet or bust?

I have a lot to say about diets. But let’s be real, who doesn’t. A friend of mine swears that her entire perfect physique is the sole result of eating two meals a day of utter garbage. But that works for her so who am I to judge? Until ten years down the road when she comes to the realization that her glorified figure wasn’t actually a result of her inspired diet plan, but firey teenage metabolism. Don’t we all love this realization.

Before I start ripping on diets I feel that it is necessary to say a few good words about IMG_1694them, because diets actually can be really good. In fact, I would say that overall diets can do more help than harm; if used properly.

Some people simply don’t know how to eat right. For some people, it is hard to spot a difference between a balanced diet of cereal/cookies and protein/greens. Maybe you are one of these people! Diets can be the first step to learning how to eat right and losing weight or gaining weight. Also, diets save the lives of 45 million Americans yearly. So what could possibly go wrong?


Well let’s come back to my friend with her breakfast of oreos and pie crust along with her dinner of a hot pocket and all of the sour patch kids she could fit in her mouth washed down with a monster energy drink. Less calories that normal? Yes. Is she losing weight? Yes. Still gets to eat favorite foods? Definitely. So isn’t this all we as Americans look for in diets?

So what is my friend missing then? Vital nutrition.

Nutrition is critical to health as a whole. Nutrition means variety; getting a combination of carbs, proteins, and fats with 2-5 servings of vegetables and fruits mixed in as well. The only diets that should be undertaken (health issues aside) are diets that include each IMG_2226one of these aspects. Before experimenting with a diet, make sure it includes ALL of these conditions, and check out the link below for a guideline of how to maintain proper nutrition.



Diets are a cycle that circle the same route 90% of the time: On diet, lose weight, goes lax IMG_1690on diet, gains weight right back. This is the reason diets do not work. When most people begin diets they don’t plan on staying on the diet for the entirety their lifetime. Conversely, their end fitness goal will not stick for the entirety of their lifetime. The rewards of diets only last as long as the diet continues, so that is the reason for most diet result in failure.


The remedy to avoiding this failure is simple; change your LIFESTYLE not your diet. Make changes that you can commit to for a lifetime, not a month. Sure the results may take a but longer to appear, but they will last much much longer. If you love bread, don’t omit carbs from your lifestyle! If you have a weakness for the pink IMG_2194starbursts, eat those pink star bursts like its your job on the days that you allow yourself to. Cheat days are a vital addition to any healthy, long-lived diet. Discarding any major component from ones diet cold turkey only leads to splurging on a large scale in a moment of weakness. So make a change YOU can commit to and stick to it.


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